Saturday, 21 November 2009

Google Autocomplete Meme

If you're like me and spend way too much time on the internet, you'll probably have seen this sort of thing quite a bit:

You can get a whole bunch on

They COULD be a naturally occurring phenomenon... but then why put a result that has 14,000 views above one that has 1,500,000?

The answer is that everyone of these humorous little screenshots acts as an ad for Google.

Each one gets handed round virally, and people go to the site to try find their own. It's a neat idea - they probably took the whole site to pieces and looked at each bit thinking: how can we make this more interesting/attractive. Obviously with Google's simplicity there wasn't much room for innovation, but they managed it.

Subtle advertising indeed (whether intentional or not).


  1. interesting! with viral stuff like this i always wish i was one of the people who received or found one.

  2. Yep my friends have been playing this game for a while, I didn't know there was a website for it! Tres Amusant.