Thursday, 3 June 2010

When the French do McDonald's ads...

Did someone forget we're talking about burgers here? What the hell?
They even manage to fit a subdued version of the jingle in at the end.

The line, 'come as you are' stinks of branding. It's one of those multi-purpose, means very little tag lines.
If anything it suggests, 'we won't judge you'. And why is that relevant? What other places judge me? Classy restaurants? They'd judge me for going to McDonalds, yes, but not for being gay.

I think someone, somewhere, lost the thread here.

Would anyone like to explain it for me?


  1. Hey Tom.

    Just to let you know that on Sat i received a letter from Watford. Am fortunate to have a second shot on the 16th!! only nine days away though!!. It's going to be interesting as news since march...i thought the dream was over. Let the stress begin. It's being held at TBWA!!
    Hope all is well


  2. Wow.. at TBWA?! Stepping up the game.
    Glad I got in before that malarkey.
    I wish you the best of luck.
    Get learning the names of those CDs and browsing Campaign website's recent work section. Maybe look at agencies Adam and Eve, Brothers and Sisters, 18 feet and rising, Glue - I'm sure you know.
    And like Tony said... try to do something that no one else in the room would do (easier said than done I know - god knows how i got in).