Sunday, 21 June 2009

I Heart Stickers

For this post I thought I'd bring together a few sticker/adhesive sort of campaigns which probably fit under the ambient category (ambient advertising refers to pretty much any any kind of advertising that occurs in some non-standard medium outside the home). Most of these examples take advantage of their situation/positioning, making it part of the ad or joke. So here goes a few of my recent faves, in no particular order...

This one is by the mighty BBDO (Germany) for MediMax... as you can probly tell, the shaver moves as the articulated section of the bus rotates. Only a great (or very bored) mind would look at the articulated section of a bus and think to put an ad there. Super.

This one's by an agency called Marcel (Paris). Though it reduces the effectiveness of the mirror, it can't help but steal your attention - making you part of the ad. The next two examples work in a similar fashion. For the one below, your best seeing the two images in conjunction...

So yeah... clever huh? It's by Saatchi & Saatchi (Cape Town) for Save our Seas. Finally there's this one...

Its by Advico Y&R (Zurich) and is for who are campaigning to abolish torture. Again, this is an ad which utilizes it's position and does so in an unconventional way. I just wonder why I've never seen any ad of this sort first hand. Perhaps I'd see more of them if I went to London or something. I'd love it if each time I went out I saw ads like this, life would be so much more interesting (well... maybe not so much more but a little). 

P.S. Credit where credit is due, most of these ads are pillaged from a collection of blogs eg. I Believe in Adv and Osocio (more on Osocio soon). 

In terms of personal progress - I am still no nearer to finding a job for the year, though I have applied to Blockbuster, Loch Fyne Restaurant, Tesco and shit like that. Hopefully I will get something, then I can start writing some ads. I bought a book in 'Help the Aged' today by Edward DeBono on Lateral thinking (recommended reading for the Watford Course)... it's supposed to de-mystify the concept of 'creativity', pinning it down as something which can be taught, and thus learnt. Sounds a little dry, but I can't wait.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for a blog on 'Ads for change, not awards' and the notion of 'Brand Advocates' which is quite a new one to me! 

I'm learning... slowly.

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