Saturday, 18 July 2009

Hanging With Cliff

So today I took on the task of creating a campaign strategy for Cliff Richard as the next UK prime minister. I think it went quite well. I came up with an angle at least, and I feel it is an original one ie. a route that others might not think to go down. I also wrote up my flooding headlines and t-shirt designs into neat PDF and finished off the poem about death. 

Here's one of the jokey t-shirt designs I came up with - there are some slogan based ones too, but I thought this visual one was worth posting. It's for global flooding remember. Ho ho ho...

That post on the new VW ad will have to wait till next time when I can be bothered to say something substantial about it. For now though, content yourself with this I found today (on I Asked For A Car). It's another of those absurd japanese ads. From the school of what I have come to call 'bad-vertising'... great...

There is also a hideous remix version HERE combining a terrifying onion man and tomato man.

Sleep tight.

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