Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Sticky Business

If you're asked to advertise super glue, you know what your selling point is straight from the off: stickiness (obviously). But how do you say your glue is strong, without saying "our glue is dead strong." Well, here for you today are several of the funniest/most interesting attempts I've encountered recently (click images to enlarge):

This has to be my favourite. It's by DDB (Milan) and works without any copy at all.

Then there's this one which, again, works well with virtually no copy.

This one is more of an outdoor/ambient campaign. The ad uses the 'use value' of the bridge (ie. carrying heavy loads) to it's advantage, as well as creating a bit of a spectacle in a high 'traffic' area. 

Here's the last one for now. Again no copy, just a witty visual idea.
It seems like a fun product to sell. It reminds me of something I read about 'reductionism' in 'Hey Whipple, Squeeze This' by Luke Sullivan. Take every element and ask 'does it add anything?' If not, you may as well get rid of it - it's just another thing vying for attention; cluttering the place up. Here's the diagram his friend drew for him to get the point across:

It's like the Occam's Razor of advertising (for the more philosophical amongst you), and it's a maxim I'll always keep in mind when doing my own writing.

On the topic of my own writing, I've finished the Cliff ads, and started on the task of coming up with as many posters as I can to sell myself. I've already done one, but won't post it till I've sent everything off. Today I also went down to 'Shelter' (the homelessness charity) to ask about volunteering in admin. That's right, working for no money at all. Good job I'm so noble. They said they'd get back to me start of next week. Stay tuned pals.

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  1. They probably thought with the way you look, that you were after a cup of soup and a bed...