Sunday, 27 December 2009

Ikea: Hard At Work and Play

Here I've put together a little collection of super-fantastisch Ikea campaigns.

The first two videos are digital and ambient efforts to push the new catalogue. Above is the fairly well-known 'facebook showroom' idea. Below is the lesser known 'cinema catalogue' idea, where high-powered lights project prices onto film footage while people watch in the cinema.. only two or three tags per film mind, just so it doesn't get too annoying.

Below is the 2009-D&Ad-graphic-design-yellow-pencil-winning 'Bigger Storage' ambient campaign from Ogilvy (Frankfurt). Another beauty!

Next up is a very clever campaign/PR stunt/brand communication of sorts. During the expenses scandal the 'John Lewis List' from which MPs selected their home-ware was replaced with an Ikea one... here's what happened...

Now for a bit of traditional!
First a TV spot that works ever so well - by Publicis (Milan).

And finally we have a lovely couple of print ads. The first (one of a series by DDB) dramatises 'home delivery' just perfectly. The second has already made it into plenty of advertising text books and annuals for its staggering simplicity...

When you have a brand this fun and quirky, it seems you really can go to town.
It must be a joy!


  1. Are you doing the open brief for YCN?

  2. There's an open brief for D&Ad, if thats what you mean...
    But no...I'm not.
    Can't afford to enter, even if I did come up with something!
    Maybe next year, if I get on a course.