Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Building a Buzz

I just noticed this article somewhere or other.

After reading, it occurred to me that if an art gallery had one of the pieces stolen it would generate a lot of free press... especially if it was replaced with a fake and no-one noticed for a good while. What a story!? Just so long as the story got out eventually. People would hear about the exhibition, and might go see what the controversy was about.

If the theft of this brick art (supposedly worth around £3k) wasn't an advertising stunt for the exhibition, it should have been. And even if it was found out to be a hoax theft - the artist could always say it was part of the art! It raises questions about fakes and originals, the made and the found, or whatever kinda waffle you hear on 'School of Saatchi'.

Dave Trott's recent posts have gotten me all mischievous and thinking about how ads work with no budget at all. Create a bit of outrage and you can't go far wrong!

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