Friday, 11 December 2009

Remember that ad?

To get onto the Watford course there's a test. I hear it happens on the interview day. I have no idea what sort of questions will be asked, but I guess they'll be about advertising. So, I've set myself the modest task of learning about every agency in the UK - plus a couple more to boot.
I've written the name of each one down (and what the initials stand for), their current creative directors and most of their major clients. I've also made a list of this year's Cannes Lions and D&Ad winners...

After starting on A3 paper... I realised that I should probably have done a spreadsheet instead.

Oh and there's my cluttered desk... Rubberduckzilla 'n' all.
Oh, who did that ad?
I left them off the list too... silly me.

This is a real test of memory. If you spot any errors in my list, please let me know. And if anyone has any interview advice please dispense. It's only five days away!

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  1. I got asked "What is Graphic Design?" at Norwich and went totally blank... barbled some rubbish and got a funny look - then on the train home thought of about 5 good answers. Gah! ask yourself all the questions you would want to know if you were running the course...