Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Foxkalomaski - The Chimes

Well I made it to London alive. Small town northerner that I am. And, on my first day, I even made it to the Foxkalomaski office early enough to grab a croissant and watch a number of iPhone toting, umbrella wielding commuters commuting.

After an initial bit of confusion - Head of Creative, Steve, being out at a meeting till 11 and me not getting the memo - I was given the office tour and introduced to everyone in the department. (I was pleased to hear that FK also run a small sister company called Brik who specialize in digital. The guys in their seemed cool. I'll have to get pally.)

When Steve got back he gave me a brief to work on. The client, one of their current ones, is a shopping centre called The Chimes. He basically wants an over-arching idea which will lend itself to several print executions.

As far as advertising sectors go, retail has to be one of the less exciting. For many, a shopping centre is really no more than a roof placed over a group of conveniently grouped stores. The task at hand seems mainly to be one of branding - communicating the centre's values, personality etc. and giving the place an overall consistent 'look'.

After reading the relevant lit given to me, I decided that a visit to the shopping centre would be a good way to bring to the project alive (above).

I then visited the nearby (though more central) competitor Westfield London Shopping Mall, a place which, I'll admit, blew my Stockport socks off. It was the most opulent/chic/upmarket places I've ever been with highly decorated window displays and minimally stocked designer outlets everywhere...

This place was miles better than The Chimes, but then again... it cost a lot more. It had chandeliers, touchscreen navigation points and (most importantly) Gregg's wasn't listed in the restaurant section. I certainly have quite a job on my hands. Let's hope I can come up with something tomorrow.

For now, my feet are tired from all that walking. I'll leave you with a fashion tip courtesy of H&M London. Black is in right now:

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