Friday, 9 October 2009

Foxkalomaski - Rice

So me and Steven (a junior account executive on placement) have been thrashing out ideas for this Thai airways campaign. We came up with an idea for a microsite (as requested) based on Karma; Thailand being a devoutly Buddhist nation. The idea was if you treat others well, you'll benefit too. You reap what you sow. So basically, users are invited to submit what they believe are worthy journeys. Other users then up-vote the most worthy journeys, and Thai air makes the winners trip possible. A good deed gets rewarded. (I got the idea after hearing about this site called Kickstarter where cool projects request funding, then the best are given cash by the philanthropic visitors.) I figured anyone who submitted a journey would then encourage friends and family to go visit the site and up-vote their journeys so they stood a better chance of winning.

After pitching this and three other ideas in a presentation, the team weren't really sold on any. They said they'd rather we'd gone down the 'rice' or 'thai food' routes - ideas which had been mentioned in our first discussion. They suggested a couple of things: a website with rice based recipes and a competition calling for rice-based art which could then be exhibited in a major gallery - because 'ABC1s', (university educated, with with expendable income) are the type of people who go to galleries (marketing speak). And they said that our ideas were too 'niche' and wanted us to come back with something more commercial. After all, everyone has to eat.

('Of all the people in all the world' - rice based art I remember seeing in Manchester)

Looks like we're back to the drawing board yet again! I guess this is good experience in dealing with clients. As Luke Sullivan says, when one idea gets knocked back, 'there's always another ad'.

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