Friday, 2 October 2009

Ever been to Soundville?

You're wandering the streets, listening to your MP3 player, and you imagine to yourself a world where there is music played out from speakers all round the city, soundtracking everyone's daily lives. Fleet foxes in the morning, Mum in the evening, Burial at night and Freescha as dawn is breaking. Anyone had this idea before? I imagine it all the time when about town (usually when the reverb on the track is just the right amount for the place your standing). Well someone else has had the same idea and made it into a Sony ad. I'm quite pleased that I'm thinking in a similar way to Juan Cabral - the mastermind behind Sony Balls, Sony Paint and Cadbury's Gorilla. Take a look:

With great direction and choice of music (Mum even got included!) this spot feels just great. The concept sits well with the rest of the sony spots too.


I'm off to London this weekend for my two week placement with Foxkalomaski. Don't have a clue what to expect, but I'm pretty excited. Fingers crossed.

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