Friday, 9 October 2009

Windows 7 and Badvertising

First time you watch this, you think it's ironic:

Then you remember that Americans don't do irony - this must be for real.

THEN you think: no. Surely this must be ironic - somehow, this time they've managed to grasp it. It's all fine. It's all a big joke - deliberately bad-advertising. A spoof. Phew.

THEN you see this, which found it's way to the Reddit homepage today:

And you realise that they wouldn't have spent money producing all this promo shit for the kind of 'subtle joke' you hope it is. They actually think people will have Microsoft parties. They really have got it that wrong.

I think this must be a case of someone who doesn't actually understand people making ads for a product they imagine everyone is just dying to fall in love with. The inflated ego of someone who is simply out of touch.

The only saving grace is that the ad is SO BAD, it's accidentally gone viral with 1million+ hits.

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  1. this is so awful. i watched it with chris, we were gobsmacked. how could anyone have thought this would sell the product?